Hero Fisher
British-born, French-raised and London-based, Hero Fisher is back! After unveiling the video for her gorgeous single Sylvie, earlier last month, she returns with the hauntingly dreamy Push The Boat Out. Her vocals are super captivating and once again she delivers a cinematic track with beautiful soundscapes. Watch the official music video below!

Conceived as a sister song to Glue Moon (out in 2018) lead single Sylvie, Push The Boat Out is inspired partly by scenes from Marilynne Robinson’s seminal novel ‘Housekeeping’. Full of lush idyllic and affecting lyrical imagery, it’s a dream-like nocturne set by a lake under a big pale green moon. The interplay of water and light is evoked in the lyrics and the spectral production - haunting choral elements and disembodied vocal tracks lend it a melodic richness that’s both profound and sublime. It’s a song about the inevitability of change in life, as we shed old skins and push ahead, while respecting and enjoying the memory of things that are lost to us. The video is made from Super-8 projections of Hero’s family home videos and as such feels like a sentimental companion to the Sylvie video’s found footage style gothic romance.