Carlos Nóbrega Unveils New Track "Almageddon: Madeira"

Carlos Nóbrega Unveils New Track "Almageddon: Madeira"
Portuguese singer/actor Carlos Nóbrega is back with more music. This time he unveiled the first chapter of his Almageddon project: Madeira. The sound has a cinematic feel and the accompanying video is an ode to my beautiful island, Madeira. Watch it below!

Almageddon consists of a collection of stories about love and life. Carlos said
I wanted to create with "Almageddon" a really dynamic and dreamy sound that you can get lost in – that still hits hard when it counts. It's the perfect soundtrack (¡hey, to me it is!) . This is the music that I always wanted to make. Hope You like it and love it, like i do.
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