The Ramona Flowers Premiere ‘If You Remember’ Video

The Ramona Flowers Premiere ‘If You Remember’ Video
UK-based indie rock band The Ramona Flowers have premiered the heartwarming music video for their brand new single If You Remember, out now on Distiller Records. This is a super infectious indie/pop track about two lifelong friends and one of them has hit complete rock bottom.
The video surges the listener into a state of nostalgia. Optimistic in sound, the video inspires positivity through heartwarming visuals and buoyant noise. It’s a feel good video in not so feel good times.

Viewers are transported into the struggling life of a former famous movie director played by actor Brian Blessed (Doctor Who, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Tarzan). After acquiring a camera from kids playing in his yard, he is reminded of the innocence and drive he once felt. He rediscovers his happiness by joining the kids as they exude child-like wonder and excitement for filmmaking. The story was brought to life by video director Roger Sargent and was shot in Hertfordshire (Southern England). Check it out below!

The Ramona Flowers are: Sam, Wayne, Dave, Ed, and Steve
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