Talmont Unveil New Single ‘Moving Further Than Before’
South East London's trio Talmont have unveiled their brand new single Moving Further Than Before. If you're into alt-pop with a laidback vibe than you'll love this track. Stream it below!

Speaking on the song, Talmont explain
‘Moving Further Than Before’ is about gaining a new outlook following the end of a relationship. It explores the indecision and self-doubt that we often feel when moving on, especially when having to leave a person that it’s hard to imagine being without. The song looks at how difficult it can be to see a future past certain people around you - not only with partners, but family and friends too. Ultimately, it’s about remembering the times you had together and knowing you wouldn’t have had your time together any other way. ‘Moving Further Than Before’ is about closing a chapter of your life, but knowing that you’re heading in the right direction as a result; it’s about moving past a point.

Born out of South East London'’s vibrant music scene the trio met during their first year at university, whilst studying on Goldsmith’'s acclaimed Popular Music degree. Arriving in London as teenagers with initially disparate music tastes their backgrounds in jazz, indie rock and hip-hop found common ground in Talmont, setting the blueprint for a uniquely far-reaching collaboration. Following three years of experimentation as part of their studies, the band's identity now emerges fully formed, effortlessly mixing dream pop with sample-infused productions, intricate guitar lines and soaring vocals.