Wall of Ears
Seattle-based band Wall of Ears have released their brand new album Hello Beautiful Nothing, out now via Brainthaw Records. If you're into psychedelic pop/rock then you'll love this one! s are quite a trippy experience and fit perfectly with this piece of psychedelic pop/rock music with killer guitar works. Favourite songs are Talker, We Go Outside, Brain Thaw, and Ray Gun. Stream it out below!

Speaking about the album Chris Lott said,
HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING is my 2nd record as Wall of Ears and my 7th record I've worked on. It's by far my most personal and extreme sonic vision yet; ten songs that represent the ultimate reflection of my human / alien hybrid soul. Each track is a sonic hybrid of lush psychedelic experimentation and my unhealthy obsession for the history of outsider pop. It was recorded over the span of three years on both the East and West coasts, and features collaborations with many incredible musicians, poets, artists, and friends. This album is a mantra on the disintegrating boundaries between reality and obliteration. It documents an extreme creative period in my life as a songwriter. While writing this album, I was heavily influenced by galactic communication, ideas surrounding the forthcoming singularity, outsider music, and collaborating artistically with my partner. 
Wall of Ears are Chris Lott, Tony Pettigrew, Bryant Hammonds, Derrick Wright, Jon Ruseski