Savoy & Grabbitz Join For "Contemplate"

Savoy & Grabbitz Join For "Contemplate"
Two of dance music's most cerebral acts in Savoy and Grabbitz have joined forces to craft a truly forward thinking single, Contemplate. The ethereal single provides a perfect balance of Pop influences as well as 80's prog-rock synths to create a spellbinding listening experience. Loving this song guys! Super infectious and perfect for the summer! Stream it below!

SAVOY is a live electronic rock trio from Boulder, now living in Brooklyn, consisting of DJ Gray Smith, Guitarist Ben Eberdt, and drummer Mike Kelly.  Their distinctive style incorporates the classic sound of rock 'n' roll into techno, dance, and bass music which they have fused together into the genre they created known as ERM (Electronic Rock Music).

At a time when fans worldwide have become bored with monotonous beats, preprogrammed performances, and robotic artists, Grabbitz comes through with a fresh take on production and sound. Leading a new wave of producers breaking away from the cookie cutter mold expected from the dance music world, Grabbitz has carved his own lane, he’s found his unique voice, and he’s established a genuine style.
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