Lio Nicol Releases Playful Video For ‘They Sent You Back Down’

Lio Nicol
Indie-pop artist Lio Nicol has premiered a playful video for They Sent You Back Down, the latest single off her EP, 1.  With heartfelt lyrics and an upbeat tempo, the song explores the comfort in finding a soul mate.

Lio Nicol’s bubbly charisma shines in this catchy summer anthem and video. To create the lively, cinematic video, Nicol recruited Los Angeles film director Riley Robbins (Pharrell Williams, Juicy J) to shoot her, alongside her friend Katherine. They Sent You Back Down explores the idea that soul mates can take many shapes- friends, lovers, and siblings can equally fill the role. Nicol explains,
‘They Sent You Back Down’ is a reflection on what it's like to have a soul mate, someone that knows you so well it seems too good be true- someone you can do anything and everything with. Almost like they’re an angel sent back down to be in your life.

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