Lana Del Rey Shares New ‘Summer Bummer’ and ‘Groupie Love’ Tracks With A$AP Rocky
My summer siren is back with two gorgeous new singles. Ahead of the release of Lust for Life on July 21st, Lana Del Rey unveils two new singles: Summer Bummer and Groupie Love, both featuring A$AP Rocky.

Summer Bummer counts also with a feature by Playboi Carti and is the more "urban" track of these two new releases. We still have that smooth Lana Del Rey vibe to it thought. Stream it below!

Now my favourite song has to be Groupie Love. Lana delivers yet again an enchanting love song. It's super laidback and hipnotizing. A$AP Rocky's rhymes here fit perfectly, though I still think the song would still shine sans the rap. Stream it below!

Lust for Life is out July 21 and has already spawned the singles Love, the title track, a duet with The Weekn and  Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind.