Izabelle Unveils New Single ‘Sunrise’

Izabelle Unveils New Single ‘Sunrise’
Brisbane based singer/songwriter Izabelle has just released her brand new single Sunrise, the title track of her debut EP. Here Izabelle gracefully combines alternative rock, soul, blues and electronic elements to create an enchanting dynamic track. Loving her vocals! Another good thing is that the track is available to download for free! Stream/Download it below!

Izabelle draws influence from singers such as Najwa Karem, Oum Kalthom, Janis Joplin, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. Izabelle was born and raised in Canada, and has spent much time abroad recording and performing. She recently relocated to Australia to release her debut EP Sunrise.

Sunrise was recorded at Soho Sonic Studios in London, UK. The EP is a collection of songs that were written over the years encompassing the obstacles Izabelle faced along her musical path and the internal conflicts experienced throughout her life journey.

Izabelle will soon be announcing a run of shows to celebrate the release of her new single.
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