Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr Unveil New Single ‘Firestarter’ feat. Shaggy

Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr Unveil New Single ‘Firestarter’ feat. Shaggy
Dutch dance luminary Fedde Le Grand has teamed up once again with Danish star Ida Corr to unveil a gorgeous new single Firestarter featuring the one and only Grammy-award winner Shaggy. The song is a beautiful mix between EDM, Pop and Reggae. Super infectious track out now via Darklight Recordings. 

Coupled with the track comes a comic book-style music video, storyboarded and directed by Dutch videographer, Eauxby. Captain Darklight (Fedde le Grand) uses his powers to stop Mother Nature (Ida Corr) from destroying the earth, but is overcome with her strength. Luckily Diligitis, God Of Love (Shaggy) is there to save the day with his seductive ways. Tongue-in-cheek and also veering on the political, the video serves as the perfect accompaniment to this upbeat record. Watch it below!

A reunion between Fedde and Ida after their 2007 runaway hit Let Me Think About It as well as another get-together between Ida and Shaggy following their collaboration on Under The Sun, Firestarter successfully couples them all for the very first time, proving that three is certainly not a crowd. Shaggy's timeless flow and iconic tone neatly complements Ida's fierce diva vocals, while both parts are underpinned by jacked-up horns and a dancehall beat courtesy of Fedde. A blend of EDM, ragga and pop, this one will undoubtedly be getting the fire started on dance floors around the globe in the coming months.
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