El Ten Eleven Unveil New Single ‘Unusable Love (feat. Emile Mosseri)’
Los Angeles-based musicians Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty, aka, El Ten Eleven, have been creating hypnotic instrumental music since they got together in 2002. Over the course of six albums we've been gifted with gorgeous soundscapes and now they surprise us by adding a vocalist to their music. This first-ever effort with a singer is called Unusable Love and features the vocals of Emile Mosseri. I adore this song so much guys! It's dreamy atmosphere, very smooth and those vocals really make it stand out. Stream it below!

Unusable Love is the first single off of El Ten Eleven's EP collaboration with Mosseri by the same name, which is due out August 18th via Fake Records. Speaking about the project the guys said,
We have always been a duo trying to push the boundaries of what two people can do. With every release we strive to reinvent ourselves. Over the past 18 months, we decided to include other people into our tiny little world to see what would happen. The result is a collaborative EP, titled Unusable Love; a collection of four songs merging El Ten Eleven instrumentals with Emile Mosseri's vocals.