Carlos Nóbrega Unveils New Single "Set Me Free"

Carlos Nóbrega Unveils New Single "Set Me Free"
Portuguese actor/singer Carlos Nóbrega returns with a brand new single called Set Me Free produced by Spartans Leon. This is a catchy electro pop track. I commend Carlos for embracing an even more dance-pop sound but I'm still a bigger fan of the more stripped-down covers he did. Speaking about the song Carlos said,
People tell me stories about their breakups but in some way I always end up having the craziest ones. "Set me Free" is a song for those hot summer nights, when dreams tend to come true. A pop, electro pop and dance song.

Set Me Free is taken from his upcoming album The Art Of Making Love. Carlos is set to release 2 new albums with different stories. They are The Art Of Making Love and Almageddon. The former is a collection of stories about love and the latter delves more about life in general.

Talking about The Art Of Making Love Carlos said,
"The Art of Making Love" is a music love story. A pop story. I do pop. Pop is everything from The Weeknd to Taylor Swift to Madonna to Britney, and my album is a good mix of everything. I think. There are some very soulful songs on there, but also electric dance songs, and also pure pop, darker songs with a R&B vibe. After years of failed attempts ( i liked the album when i heard it for the first time, then .. meh.. ) ,but I finally let go of the preconceived bullshit and decided to create the sounds in my head, whether they “fit the mould” or not. Honestly and openly it’s about a rebound.
Speaking about Almageddon,
I wanted to create with "Almageddon" a really dynamic and dreamy sound that you can get lost in – that still hits hard when it counts. It's the perfect soundtrack (¡hey, to me it is!) . This is the music that I always wanted to make. Hope You like it and love it, like i do.
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