Arlo unveils new track ‘Refuge’
London newcomer Arlo has unveils his third single Refuge. Another self-release from this young pop talent, Refuge is an ode to finding strength in your darkest hour, taking stock of what you have and turning negatives into positives and drawing on your talents to help turn things around for better. Complete with uplifting tribal drums and a fervent call to arms chorus this new single really sets out Arlo’s stall for future endeavours. Stream it below!

In Arlo’s own words
Refuge came at one of my lowest moments, I was filled with this feeling of worthlessness and misery. I really couldn't pull myself together. "Nothing in my life was going good" I knew I had to make some changes and it had to start with me getting better. Refuge is me seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.
Refuge follows his gorgeous single Shake The Room, which is my favourite song of his so far!