The O2 Celebrates Its 10th birthday

The O2 Celebrates Its 10th birthday

It's celebration time in London! This week is The O2's 10th Birthday with a series of shows from Alt-J (last Friday), Céline Dion (Tuesday and last night), Ed Sheeran (tonight) and Jamiroquai later this year. They have suspended a giant '10' balloon above The O2 as part of the celebrations, which you can check out above. Céline Dion did a spectacular show these last 2 days. It's a good year for concerts at the O2.

Céline Dion performing at The O2 June 2017
Céline Dion performing at The O2 June 2017

Some facts about The O2:

- Fastest selling show at The O2 – Spice Girls (reunion tour) sold out in 38 seconds
- Who has performed the most shows at The O2? Take That
- Prince holds the record for the longest straight residency at The O2 with an impressive 21 
nights in its opening year
- Which show has pulled in the most people? Muse’s Drones World Tour, over 21,000 people 
attended one show in April
- Over 570 acts have graced The O2 stage
- The artists who have taken the tube to The O2 – Rod Stewart, Noel Gallagher, Rihanna, 
Blossoms, Jay Z, Chris Martin & Timbaland
- First show at The O2 was Bon Jovi on 24th June 2007
- Over 1000 people are involved with each show hosted at The O2
- Over 60m people have visited The O2 since it opened
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