Swimming Girls Unveil Debut Single "Tastes Like Money"

Swimming Girls
Hey guys. I am so happy to be a blogger because I get to discover new bands and this one is dreamy af! Just what I needed for this scorching hot Sunday! Meet Bristol-based Dark Dream-Pop 4-piece band Swimming Girls.

Swimming Girls unveiled their debut single Tastes Like Money and is a perfect introduction to Swimming Girls' infectious and kaleidoscopic pop-punk world. Produced by Marta Salogni (Sampha, M.I.A, Shura,), the track itself is about how love of anything comes at a price, written at a time when the band were coming to terms with the fact that they would, one day, be presented as a product in the music industry. Stream it below!

So basically they delivered a stunning and groovy piece of Dream-Pop music, with beautiful vocals, killer guitar works, infectious melodies, and an overall feel-good vibe. That chorus is completely addictive and I've been humming it for the past hour or so. A perfect song for this summer! With Tastes Like Money, Swimming Girls make me want to hear more of their music and that's the best introduction a band could have. 

Swimming Girls, formed as part of a ‘musical project’ whilst they were all studying separately in Bath - put together entirely randomly and asked to, quite simply, ‘write a song’. Finding common ground with a group fixation on the warmth and nostalgia of 70’s and 80’s pop culture, the bands inspiration all comes from the same sources – The Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club alongside cult films like ‘Heathers’ and the timeless work of David Lynch. 

Swimming Girls are Vanessa, Jay, Roo and Max!
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