Swedish star Ängie releases ‘Spun’ remixes
Swedish star Ängie has enlisted Pink Panda and emerging Swedish producer Beard to take on remix duties of her chilled club anthem Spun, which I already love on its own original version.

My favourite remix is by the London-based, Billboard chart-toppers, Pink Panda who have intertwined Ängie’s homage to love, and the joys of sex and getting high, with uplifting synths and down-tempo trap-inspired beats. Gorgeous remix. I want to dance! Stream it below!

Beard meanwhile takes Spun straight to the dancefloor with a driving four to the floor and big room synths.

Ängie is blossoming into a truly international sensation, and unofficial fan clubs celebrating the star have been established across the world in locations as far flung as Brazil and Russia.

Her infamous cheeky tongue has seen her acclaimed by broadsheets, scandalise the tabloids and become an international internet sensation.

Ängie continues to shake up the world of pop with Spun, and has more exciting announcements to follow soon.