S4U Unveil New Single ‘Too Much’

S4U Unveil New Single ‘Too Much’
UK R&B collective S4U have returned with their boldest single yet, Too Much. This is a perfect marriage of electronic with R&B guys! The duo have metamorphosed their sound to create a love letter to underground music culture through the medium of dancefloor-leaning experimental R&B. Too Much is a club-ready fusion of styles serving as an ode to broken hearts. Stream it below!

Returning to Bank Holiday Records for their second outing on the label, Too Much is the sound of a group in full creative stride. Lifting from their furthest afield influences, S4U have somehow transformed this diverse range of sounds into their biggest crossover track yet - creating a timeless R&B cut that helps to solidify S4U as one of 2017’s most eclectic and impactful groups.
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