Katy Perry’s ‘Witness’ Out Now + Live Stream

Katy Perry’s ‘Witness’

Katy Perry's 5th studio album, Witness, is out now! This album shows a more mature sound for the american pop star. Aged 32 Katy presents a more sensual sound and the album presents itself as a confessional where she admits she's indomitable and awesome.

On Witness Katy approaches a more Hip-Hop and R&B style that we all saw on her previous singles Chained To The Rhythm, featuring Skip Marley, Bon Appétit, featuring Migos, and Swish Swish (my favourite) featuring Nicki Minaj.

Katy started working on Witness last year and wrote over 40 songs for this project. The standard version of the album includes 15 out of those 40 songs, while the Target & UK/Japan edition feature 17 songs. I've just played the album once so far (just got up) but I can say this one is quite a good one. The songs that stood out to me, apart from the released singles, are Hey Hey Hey (on which she shows that she might look fragile but she's tough inside), Déjà Vu, Mind Maze, Miss You More and Into Me You See (these two are the ballads of the album). Now I just need a couple more spins to see which songs are the growers. I haven't seen any song that could become a huge hit in the US like she had on her previous albums, but it's still a solid album that shows a new side of Katy.

Executive-produced by Max Martin, Witness is Katy Perry's most electronic album with songs perfectly ready for the clubs.

To celebrate this release Katy has made a Big Brother-style of live streaming for fans to experience this first weekend of Witness and how Katy is celebrating it. So far we've seen her house, bedroom, and so on. There are 5 camera views, some streams are live and others pre-recorded. Check it out below and experience this weekend with Katy! 

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