Tel Aviv's electro-pop trio ISADORA have premiered the official music video for their brand new single Leave Me! This is such a smooth piece of electro-pop and hip-hop inspired music and the video is gorgeous. It  howcases the band performing against a backdrop of natural phenomena; birds in flights, rolling storm clouds, volcanic eruptions, symbolising an addictive love. Check it out below!

Speaking about Leave Me ISADORA said,
You keep on going back to the person who hurts you the most, because you're tired of hurting alone. Vibrating, silky tremors of seductive beats and yearning vocals, tenderly draw you down deep into the chasm of that rhythmic, renegade love where a shimmering kaleidoscope of refracted light momentarily relieves storms, destruction and fleeting clouds. And as the detonation of a gorgeous atomic bomb reveals the paradox: you realize this is the explosive relationship you're obsessed with which will never end.

ISADORA is an electro-pop trio band based in Tel Aviv, Israel, made up of music producer Dotan Moshanov, vocalist Isadora Kaufman and drummer Yaron Goren. Fusing emotive vocals and vivid, reflective lyrics with haunting melodies, skintight arrangements and lush synthesizers; ISADORA offers immersive, impassioned, dance laden pop.