I Am Harlequin Unveils New Single ‘Hooked’

I Am Harlequin Unveils New Single ‘Hooked’
East London’s I Am Harlequin is back with a brand new infectious single Hooked which has been co- produced with Dom Zilla. Stream this beauty below!

Since her last release in 2015, the songstress has been hard at work in the studio writing her own new material whilst collaborating with Moonlight Matters (Kitsune) ,Hermanos Inglesos (Sony),  Schulkid & Sunglasses Kid.

In her own words, she describes her new single Hooked,
Hooked is all about passion. It's a dense concoction of sounds which on the one hand portray the desperation of being frantically infatuated with someone or something, whilst perhaps finding some solace in the stability of the vocals and structure. To my ears it's beautiful madness. The song is definitely one of my personal favourites that came out the collaboration with Dom Zilla.
I Am Harlequin is the guise of German-born now London-based singer-songwriter and producer Anne Freier, who creates infectious and stylish electro-pop.
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