Andrew Applepie & Bjurman Unveil New Single "Drowning World"
German producer Andrew Applepie & Swedish singer Bjurman have teamed up to release their first ever collaboration, Drowning World, out now on Seeking Blue Records. This is a stunning piece of electronic music that blends Bjurman's raw and melancholic vocal performance with Applepie's upbeat and playful style. Thus they refreshingly combine the yin and yang of pop music into an incredibly emotional and appealing tune, starting out fragile and vulnerable, making you smile through a warped ukulele riff and leaving you with goosebumps when the chorus drops. Stream it below!

Of his collaboration with Bjurman, Applepie says:
Before we even ever talked or met up I got to hear her song "Drowning World" and I immediately felt drawn to it. I loved the melody and the song was great. I felt I could really contribute something to it. So we met up, and then I took our material with me to Maui where I made it into a new song with a new chorus and some spicy ukulele licks with my new uke I got in Kahului. Surprisingly enough everybody loved the tune!