Allie X Releases New Album "CollXtion II"
Toronto-born, LA-based synth-pop queen Allie X has finally released her brand new album CollXtion II. To me Allie just saved pop this year with this album! There's not a single song here I don't like.

On CollXtion II, Allie X delivers a stunning type of dark pop sound that is guaranteed to please all music lovers, from the more indie listeners to the mainstream top 40 variety. I just can't get enough of this album guys. It's packed with gorgeous melodies that will make you want to listen to it on repeat. And let's not forget about her incredible talent to bring that glamorous 80s pop vibes with killer synth works. To me it's pop perfection here.

From the previously released singles, Need You and Old Habits Die Hard, I was already sold on this project. And then she delivers 8 more gorgeous tracks that just got me listening to the album quite a lot. My favourite songs are Old Habits Die Hard, Downtown, Lifted, That's So Us and the ballad of the album True Love Is Violent. The latter stands out from the rest of the album for its softness and vulnerable feel. I am a sucker for piano based songs and this was an obvious pick.

One thing I am sad about is that my all-time Allie X favourite songs Too Much To Dream and All The Rage didn't make the final cut of this album. Come on Allie, 12 tracks would be great and these ones are gems.

With CollXtion II Allie just made the year for pop music. It's a beautifully crafted piece of art with spotless production! Allie sets herself as the pop diva 2017 was longing for! Stream it below!