Wildera Unveil New Single "The Only"

Time for some Rock! LA-based rock duo Wildera have unveiled their brand new single The Only. Loving that guitar riff so so much. That melody caught my attention from the very first seconds and then we are joined by heavy hitting drums and super infectious chorus. Gorgeous track! Stream it below!

This is a beautiful piece of melodic rock that showcases their incredible talent to deliver catchy rock music with garage grit and a pop gloss finish. All this was polished by Moore’s experience as an electronic producer.

Wildera are Rusty Redden and Loren Moore and as teenagers growing up in a suburb of Dallas, they barely knew each other until they attended Berklee College of Music together. They fatefully sat next to each other on the plane, became bunkmates, and bonded while performing songs in the dorms every night. Later, after becoming roommates and traveling Europe together, a series of different projects separated the guys for several years until they finally reunited in Los Angeles.

Rusty moved to Los Angeles with his girlfriend and about halfway through living together realized it wasn't going to work. It was around this time that the band's early sessions started taking place so it was certainly weighing heavy. As a way to channel the angst and confusion that came with coming home to someone who no longer loved or paid attention to you, "The Only's" lyrics and attitude was born. Essentially, it had come down to him feeling as if "someone or something had died in the house and no one was acknowledging it." The lyrics of the song are nearly word for word what he would have said if the chance arose, but in an effort to keep to the peace, channeled it into the song.

Naturally, Redden turned to Moore to start a band built on trust and without the politics of multiple members. They were so confident in their collaboration that they booked shows and studio time before they had even written a song.

When performing live, Wildera is a hard driven power duo with Redden on guitar and Moore on drums. But when recording, they use an arsenal of instruments for their evolving creative process which organically develops on parallel paths of inspiration. Sometimes, they don’t even write in the same room.
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