OLSSON’s Debut Album ‘Millions’ Out Now
Swedish songwriter and producer OLSSON has released his debut album Millions, through Universal. With this album OLSSON draws influences from several musical flavours making the album a perfect body of work with house pianos, Madchester beats, untamed instrumental work and bruising soul hallmarks. Millions is an unconventional and nostalgically tuned indie-dance pop project, which is set to see OLSSON breathe new life into parties around the planet.

My favourite singles are Ça M’est Égal, which I adore the 90s vibe of it and the way he combined elements of trip hop and Britpop.  Hold On is another personal favourite, with its smooth intro, those chords and infectious beat makes this track super groovy!! Other standout tracks for me are One In A Million, Aye Aye, Grace Jones, and Satellite. Stream this beautiful album below! 

Regarding the album OLSSON says,
I wanted to capture the feeling you had when you listened to music for the first time when you were a teenager. It was all new, playful and you were never sure what the fuck would happen next. Music is the ultimate playground. You can´t control it.