LILI N Premieres "Get Me" Music Video
Fresh from graduating Berklee College of Music, Italian electro-pop singer-songwriter and trained musician LILI N has released her brand new single, Get Me. This track was produced by Downtown Los Angeles duo Glashaus, part of The Brain collective which developed Moxie Raia.  The music video for Get Me was shot in New York City by up and coming director Matt Sparks, known for his collaborations with Mykki Blanco. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song LILI N said,
This song is a result of my best friend and co-writer, getting tired of me talking about my crush. Jelli Dorman, a fellow Berklee graduate and insanely talented musician, looked at me straight in the eyes one morning and said ‘I forbid you to mention his name again, and I won’t listen to you talk about him, unless we write about this’. So we did. Words started flowing out of me like a stream of consciousness as she reorganized my thoughts. I wanted to tell the truth, and the truth sucked: Yes I am totally into you and you’re not that into me but I will choose to pursue you regardless. I wanted to honor the weakness and fragility of unrequited love. By the time I sang the song, I was completely over him. I guess after all, Jelli was right.

Born in Rome, Italy, LILI N has spent the last few years in Boston, Massachusetts to pursue an education at Berklee College of Music. Growing up in a musical household – her mother was a successful opera singer and her father played vinyl records continuously – allowed LILI N to develop her craft at a remarkably young age.  She shares,
I started playing piano on my own because we had this huge grand piano in my mom’s house in Rome. It just seemed natural to me, and I couldn’t really play piano without ending up writing a song.

Perhaps just as impressive: LILI N has spent nearly all of her young life as a voice-over artist, supplying the Italian voice of Cindy Lou, Lilo and Lucy in animated features like The Grinch, Lilo & Stitch and Narnia.

LILI N's biggest influences are some of music’s most unique voices, like Lou Reed, Lady Gaga, Sia and Frank Ocean.

With her sultry voice and inimitable dream pop sound, LILI N is dedicated to creating a movement through her music.
I want my songs to deliver a very open message to the world, and I want everyone to appreciate the power of the mind. Embracing your weaknesses can become your strength and that’s what 'Get Me' is about.