Time for some alternative rock! LA-based indie post-rock duo Emerald Portal have unveiled their brand new single OneHundredTwenty. One thing I love about this song is those piano keys and the super captivation and cinematic vibe of the song! Check it out below!

Speaking about the song the guys said,
'OneHundredTwenty' is essentially a stream of consciousness poem dealing with the existential crisis of an elderly individual who's lived a full life and is faced with the unknown of death. It doesn't try to presume any answers, but is an open ended questioning of what a life once meant, what a life means in the present, and what a life will continue to mean in death. It's a quintessential question to humanity, one that every different school of thought has sought to explore and answer, and we loved the intention of presenting the idea for the listener to contemplate for themselves, rather than try to give some half baked answer that might be meaningful to one person, but completely misses the point to another.

Emerald Portal is the brainchild of Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade, two musicians, who at a young age immersed themselves into all aspects of art. As a sound designer and screenwriter, respectively, their music is heavily influenced by their cinematic backgrounds. Emerald Portal seeks to make engaging music that not only tells stories, but transports listeners.

Born in Europe, Thomas from Paris, France and Brad from Crete, Greece, both grew up learning how to play piano and guitar. They each spent years playing music before entering the film industry. Upon meeting on the set of a music video in Los Angeles, where the duo currently live, they found they had a mutual interest in creating music and began working on a number of songs. After a period of creative activity they had written enough material for an album.