Embody releases new single "Lost & Found" feat Claire Ridgely
London based producer Embody is back with a brand new single Lost & Found’ featuring Claire Ridgely! This track is a pulsating mix of euphoric production juxtaposed with melancholic lyrics. Embody continues his journey of productions into a more pop landscape. A great companion piece to last summer's ‘Dreamin’ track. Stream it below!

I adore this song guys! Definitely adding it to my summer playlist. Just what I needed: a dose of euphoric electronic music! Speaking about the track, producer Embody explains
I had a loose idea in my head of some beats and then I came across Claire's vocals and it was one of those moments where, as a producer , things just fall in to place. We worked intensely on it remotely until we were happy with getting it just right. It was a case of me being truly Lost & Found.”

Claire Ridgely goes on to add “A few months ago, right before the Montreal winter showed up, I had to move out of my flat. While I was folding my life into cardboard boxes, I found an old plane ticket from a trip I never took with someone I never knew. Later that evening, I wrote the words and for the first time in years I asked myself, what if I had taken that trip ? Where is he now?