Cat Pierce Premieres "Weapon of War" Video
Cat Pierce (of The Pierces) has premiered the official music video for her brand new single Weapon of War. I love this song so much guys!! This powerful video was shot by Leeds born director Antony Langdon, former member of 90's alt-rock band Spacehog. Check it out below!

Speaking about the video Cat explains
The song is about going through a traumatic experience and becoming something new as a result. The catsuit was inspired by two of my favourite characters from modern cinema, Catwoman and Edward Scissorhands. They both wore black leather as protection and also as a symbol of strength. They were damaged individuals but used their flaws and scars to evolve into something more powerful. We shot it on the beaches of San Diego and downtown LA. The rain was unexpected but ended up being really beautiful and adding to the misty Gotham city vibe.

Weapon of War is an incredibly powerful track, about Cat's personal experiences in a previous abusive relationship, delivered in her stunning, inimitable style and produced by Jason Lader (Frank Ocean, James Blake, Andre 3000) and Leggy Langdon (Banks, Mr. Little Jeans, Alex Vargas).

Speaking about the new single Cat explains
Weapon of War is about leaving an abusive relationship and learning to trust someone new after going through that trauma. There's a certain shame that comes on after abuse. People wonder if it's their fault or if they are worthy of love. It's about the beauty that can happen in the healing of the pain.

If you're a fan of The Pierces you can still find that similar sound in Cat's solo work and its definitely one to follow. 

A self-proclaimed psychedelic, spiritual explorer, Cat Pierce has spent the past few years visiting the jungles of Peru, the deserts of Joshua tree, and hills of Hollywood, delving inward via meditation and psychedelic plants. These adventures reveal a fresh perspective on Cat Pierce, both as an individual artist and as a songwriter. The songs pull from a multitude of life experiences ranging from the trepidations of being a woman in the modern world to the heartache of being in love with a heroin addict, to the peace she's found battling her depression and anxiety through unconventional methods. With lyrics that are wise, witty, and cutting and melodies that swing from elation to melancholy within a single song, Cat Pierce has grown into a unique and undeniable artist.