Winters Island Premiere "Fire" Music Video
London-based indie electro band Winters Island have premiered the official music video for their exhilarating new track Fire, the first track from their new EP Hestia out now! Loving that piano and guitar melodies. Lead singer Trimmer demonstrates his commandingly emotive vocals which are second to none throughout this undeniably powerful track!

The visuals were shot by Greentea Productions in Kidderminster Town Hall, a location renowned for its musical history, hosting legends such as The Beatles and The Who. A dancer moves beautifully around the hall amongst scattered white chalk. The team worked tirelessly to ensure the emotion of the dancer was captured and the large amounts of chalk were controlled. The band wanted to make sure that the video portrayed the emotive nature of the song; each member produced affective performances with their instruments, to such an extent that the mic stand broke after Andy threw it to the ground.