Keroscene Premiere "Our Time" Video
London based dream-pop band Keroscene have premiered the official music video for their brand new single Our Time, another stunning piece of dream-pop and psychedelic rock. Loving those guitars!! Speaking about the single the band said,
Lyrically the song is inspired by everything currently happening in the world around us, both on a societal level with rapid changes in technology and politics and on a personal level. This apparent lack of tangibility of anything genuinely real in our digital world can sometimes make us feel bored and at odds with a sense of cultural stagnation.

The video presents a fan directly engaging with Keroscene’s music, the bond between the fan and the band reflects heavily on the song's lyrical content as a momentary escape from conformity and the modern pressures of being involved in this digitised world. The band conclude
The video for 'Our Time' is an attempt to mix a simplistic story line with beautiful imagery. The story sees a girl at home listening to her favourite song as she prepares to leave the house but as the song progresses she senses she isn't alone. We focused on the finer details within each shot to create something slick and cinematic, with each frame containing hidden gems that date the band back to its origin. The idea was that each time you watch the video you notice something new that you may not have seen before.

Keroscene are David Troster, Francesco Bondi, Edd Wilding and Jake Sorbie. Formed in late 2014, the band combines elements of psychedelic with melody bound together in a neat contemporary approach of modern rock. Formerly based in their West London warehouse, dubbed ‘Unit 4’, where the band spent the last two years living, writing and throwing parties. The band also hosted popular live music nights there, with names such as Esben and The Witch, The Telescopes and Secret Fix being just a few of the acts to step through the doors and play.