Jake Thomas Turnbull releases intimate single "Fire"
London-based emerging singer/songwriter Jake Thomas Turnbull has unveiled his intimate new single Fire. If you're into folk-pop music than you'll love this release. Beautiful guitar-based track packed with soulful raw emotional vocals and intimate lyrics. A characteristic performance that captures raw and genuine emotion, it’s a rarity to find in many releases. This is softly conveyed in sensual, plucked barre guitar chords behind a backdrop of celestial synthesizer layers and vocal humming. Stream it below!

Speaking about the track Jack explains,
Fire was written about burning bridges with people from the past, how sometimes you end up going back, or at least wanting to, and how you need to burn the bridge to make sure you can't go back there.

Originally from the North East, Jake Thomas Turnbull decided to move to London to break into the capital's scene. It was his tenacity that lead Jake to spend months staying in hostels and crashing on friends sofas so he could balance work-life, whilst playing numerous gigs around the capital.