Erin K Premieres "Assholio" Music Video

Erin K Premieres "Assholio" Music Video
Singer/songwriter Erin K has premiered the official music video for her brand new single Assholio. This song is quite something. It's an eccentric piece of anti-folk with incredible lyrics. A true storyteller Erin K has captivated me with the first words. Erin said,
I can remember the first time I tried recording this song at home, pulling the mattress over me to build a sound-proofed fort separating myself from the constant drilling against my home. This drilling is mentioned in the very first line of the song and leads the listener out of the house on a journey. The song itself has unusual stops throughout and when performed live, really relies on the constant communication between myself and the other bandmates to deliver the right timing! It has more words per second of music than anything I’ve written before.

Erin K's song echoes the direct lyrics of Kim Boekbinder, married with the eccentricity of Lily Allen and intricate nature of Kate Nash. The striking video, adds in the political charge often associated with the anti-folk movement. The hand-drawn stop motion video is the result of an on-going collaboration between Erin and Nathan Erasmus of Gravy Media. Erin continues,
I began drawing hybrid animals in pen and ink around the time my father became sick as a kind of escapist activity, many of which are made up of tiny pointillist dots. I sent these drawings over to Nathan, where he would animate the drawings based on a single phrase and drawing I sent across.

Now this one was something I really wasn't expecting. Quite a different type of music I am used to listening to but very good indeed. Really enjoying this type of storytelling! Erin is a difficult artist to pin down. Raised between Texas and London, she is currently based in the states while enjoying her huge success in Italy, where she spends most of her time either touring or running a children’s camp for children with haemophilia. Her life today, in the wake of musical acclaim in Italy, is a world away from when she nervously started experimenting with insightful and playful compositions at open mic nights in London.
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