Bare Traps release new single ‘All In You’

Bare Traps release new single ‘All In You’
London based group Bare Traps have just released their new single All In You, which features the B-side Waiting Outside. All In You is a beautiful tune that blends sun drenched, tropical pop and indie rock styles. Speaking of the track the guys say,
Of all the songs we've written so far, we feel that All in You manages to embody the essence of Bare Traps the best. It's our attempt to imagine the sound of sunshine. As a band, we're all about good vibes, and this song is about sonically replicating those incredible feelings of warmth you experience when you first encounter someone that takes your breath away.

B-Side Waiting Outside is not as upbeat as All In You, being more of a sombre indie-rock tune. Loving those guitar riffs! The guys say,
Decidedly more sombre than the lead single, this track was intended to create a slight story arc within the release. Waiting Outside describes a romantic relationship - perhaps the one that began in All in You - in its maturer stages. It's about hope and tenacity during tough times. Once again, it's about injecting good into what might be a less than positive situation.

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