Yuksek Premiere ‘Live Alone’ Music Video
Celebrated French producer and songwriter, Yuksek has just revealed an exciting video for his latest single Live Alone which features singer Roman Rappak (Breton) and is taken from his forthcoming album Nous Horizon, being released on February 24th via his own label Partyfine.  The video was produced by the European Space Agency and shot on the International Space Station. It features previously unseen footage from astronaut Thomas Pesquet's current Proxima mission on the International Space Station.

The duo who are friends, came up for the concept of this film which was to show both ships; the ship of creation in Yuksek's studio composing music inspired by Thomas flight in space and the spaceship where Thomas is performing science for the benefit of humanity. Illustrating their daily routines everyday working life they are brought together by music that crosses borders and travels easily from Earth to space. The underlying concept for the video is that music connects people regardless of where they are. Even in Space!

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet said of the video,
Music makes the world go round, and listening to music as we circle Earth helps me feel connected to home and keeps me motivated. The idea for this video came from talking with Yuksek in Paris before my launch and I am glad we both found the time to make it happen. I don’t think there have been any other music videos made in space and this one is great, thanks to his talent!

Yuksek adds,
I've always been in awe of astronauts and when I first met Thomas I had thousands of questions I wanted to ask him! Now we are firm friends and it felt a bit unreal to speak with someone about to leave the planet when he left for this mission. My album was not totally finished when Thomas took off but I loved the thought that that one the first people listening to my record would be doing it from space! We both thought "Live Alone" would be the perfect title to do a video mixing space frames and studio shots and a result we've got something totally unique; a music video shot from space with the vision of a cosmonaut listening to my music. I still can’t quite believe it.