The Womack Sisters Unveil Debut Single “Darling”

The Womack Sisters Unveil Debut Single “Darling”
Time for some Motown music!  Soul and R&B trio, The Womack Sisters have released their debut single, Darling, a beautiful track rich with catchy melodies and show-stopping vocals. Loving this tune guys! Those vocals are Soul perfection! Classic soul and R&B beats paired with relatable lyrics and beautiful harmonies make the single absolutely infectious. As listeners go deeper into the song, they hear a story about leaving a deceitful lover from someone who’s putting their foot down and saying enough is enough.

Much like the song itself, the music video is fresh, yet familiar. Wearing dazzling cocktail dresses and hair that almost touches the sky, reminiscent of The Supremes, the beautiful trio delivers a soulful performance packed with choreography and sass. Director Roman Luck brought to life the group’s vision for the music video. “We knew what we wanted the treatment to be like. We were inspired by Nancy Sinatra for this one, and he really made it happen,” said the sisters.
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