Sea Bed release new single "Pretender"

British act Sea Bed are back with brand new music! They've unveiled their gorgeous single Pretender which showcases Lizzie Massey's haunting vocals. For this release the band have widened the scope of their songwriting. ‘Pretender’ offers a more commercial, expansive sound for Brighton based Sea Bed and demonstrates a band growing into their own skins and maturing in their artistry. As the band explain,
Pretender is a song about betrayal and forgiveness. It's about the discovery and the eventual letting go of deceitful relationships, whether that be to a lover or a drug, or the relationship we each have with ourselves.”

Formerly a duo, Jim Corbin (Guitars & Programming) and Lizzie Massey (Vocals, Bass & Programming) have been joined by Flavia Aliverti (Percussion & Synthesizer) after she had proven to be an invaluable part of the bands live act.
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