Luxury Mane Drop New Album "Lux Runnin Out"
American band Luxury Mane have dropped their new album Lux Runnin Out. This 9-track project features groovy indie rock music with just the right amount of psychedelic pop. From tracks such as Got A Need, Hard To Be Easy, Julian, and more, you will be immersed in a feel-good dreamy atmosphere. If you're into acts such as DIIV, Velvet Underground, Pavement, The Cure, Big Star then you'll love these guys. Stream the album below!

The band consists of Billy Summer ( vox, guitars ), Kyle Lovell ( drums ), and Aaron Nelson ( bass ). These three music makers churn future classics by melding pure id with solid gold song craft. They are true pioneers of the psych pop explosion in St Petersburg, one of the most vibrant and ambitiously creative music and art scenes at present. Luxury Mane's style is hard to pin down but has been described by fans and critics as Indie Rock, Art Rock, Experimental, and New Wave.