Imagine Dragons Drop New single "Believer"

Imagine Dragons Drop New single "Believer"
Hey guys! I've got a gem for you! Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning band Imagine Dragons have released a brand new single entitled Believer on KIDinaKORNER / Interscope Records, impacting March 17th. I got hooked on it after the first spin! Gorgeous tune! This song is super infectious, packed with lots of energy and a sick beat. Loving those guitar chords! Vocalist Dan Reynolds says about the track: 
This last year has really been the most centred and positive of my life. This song explains my realization that the emotional pain I faced the last few years actually helped me progress to this healthier mental space - that adversity truly is what helps you become a believer in yourself.

In the US, the track will run as the soundtrack for a Nintendo ad during the Super Bowl, and Believer will power the visuals.
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