Honey and Jude Unveil New single ‘The Real Thing’
Pop duo Honey and Jude are back with a super radio-friendly tune called The Real Thing, out now via Like.. Totally Weird Records. This is a very upeat pop tune with an anthemic vibe and a new 80's synth pop flair. Lyrically they paing quite a vivid image of star-crossed lovers in reckless abandon, without a doubt in the world that what they have is the real thing:

"I’ll be throwing rocks at the window, sneaking out the back door, laying on the hood of your car. I could steal you away from mama, but only if you wanna. We don’t have to wonder at all if this is the real thing."

The duo says,
‘The Real Thing’ is a throwback, slow track, old school kind of love. It hearkens back to a day when asking a girl out on a date meant sneaking her a handwritten letter instead of a generic text, a day when going steady with a boy was about more than just updating your Facebook status to ‘In a relationship. It’s about a time when the way we felt about each other wasn’t limited to 140 characters and when memories lasted more than the ten seconds on Snapchat.