CVSS Drops Debut Album "Selfish Ways"

Rapper, producer, songwriter Cassel Hamilton, also known as CVSS (pronounced Cass), was born and raised in the streets of North Hamilton in Canada. Always getting into trouble at a young age forced his parents to move to a better area of the city. Initially, not much changed as CVSS was constantly finding himself in trouble with the law. Fortunately, a new-found passion for Music would find him heading down a different path.

As this new passion turned into a burning obsession, CVSS started to take his music public. Not known for his writing skills, but more of a freestyle artist, he was asked to compete in a freestyle battle competition called "Roc da Mic". CVSS entered and became not only the first Roc da Mic Champion, but won the subsequent champions as well. This instant fame and recognition catapulted CVSS to of Hamilton's most recognizable upcoming artists to watch. Not only did he find himself working tirelessly crafting his own music and style, but he was also recording, mixing and mastering music for other local artists that took notice of his talents.

Today CVSS is a part of a team at Rolling Rich Records, he has released his first Official debut album called Selfish Ways with styles from hard hitting street music to good vibes and radio play music. Clean, Harmless and Fly Away are my favourite tracks. Stream it below!

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