Born Stranger Unveil New Single "Cheating Love" ft. Caitlyn Scarlett

Born Stranger Unveil New Single "Cheating Love" ft. Caitlyn Scarlett
My favourite Dark Pop/Electronic-duo Born Stranger have unveiled their brand new single Cheating Love, featuring Caitlyn Scarlett. Maddox-Jones and Raife Hacking present us with an ambitious electronic pop tune. Maddox-Jones and Caitlyn's vocals fit perfectly together, and I just can't get enough of it.  Born Stranger explain:
We invited her to a studio session thinking we could get her to sing on one of our album tracks but when we got to the studio we had this instrumental and the title 'Cheating Love'. Caitlyn was like 'give me a few minutes', and 15 minutes later she had this great verse and lyrics and the song just came to life... so we went with it and demo'd the track on the same day. A few tweaks later and here we are...
Caitlyn Scarlett adds:
The idea came about to write about a situation from two people’s point of view. The phrase ‘cheating love’ can be perceived as infidelity, but the undertone I wanted to convey was that of cheating love the same way someone might cheat death, a close shave but ultimately avoided.

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