Tom Speight Unveils New Single "Willow Tree"

Tom Speight Unveils New Single "Willow Tree"
Folk lovers I've got a treat for you. , London-based artist Tom Speight just released his brand new single Willow Tree, the lead track to be lifted from his new EP of the same name, set to come out on March 10th! This is such a beautiful melodic tune. Loving the haunting guitar riff backed by ethereal keys and strings. Tom's distinctive, impassioned vocals are complimented perfectly with Jessica Staveley-Taylor's (from The Staves), creating amazing harmonies. Check it out below! 

Speaking on the track, Tom says:
We recorded around 11pm at night..all huddled around playing live next to each other..there was something really special about it because it felt so human. I was listening to a lot Laura Marling and Damien Rice around the time and I think their methods definitely help shape this EP. 'Willow Tree' is definitely my favourite track Chris Bond has produced of mine..he gave it a really warm texture and depth that the recording required. I also feel like it's my least comprised recording to date because of they way we tracked it.
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