SPC ECO Unveil ‘Under My Skin’ EP
Electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO are set to drop their Under My Skin EP on February 10th via ELaB Records. The title track just featured in Series 6 Episode 7 of the MTV series 'Teen Wolf' and it is a dreamy tune guys.

On Under My Skin, Rose Berlin is at her most vulnerable and tender, expressing her lament in crooning fashion. This lustrous finely-spun SPC ECO track is so well delivered that she seemingly placates any emotional wreckage that might otherwise be felt. Dean Garcia explains,
There was a truly emotional earthquake between Rose and myself due to a personal ongoing issue, which left us both scarred and in tears. One hour later to mend us both, I asked her if she would like to sing on the sad piano song again and she sang what you hear on the track. Driven to tears once again but for the polar opposite reasons this song is the epitome of the unquestionable love and bond that only occurs between family.

Speaking of the song feature on Teen Wolf Rose said,
It was fantastic to wake up and hear what had happened with the Teen Wolf sync. Under My Skin is very close to both mine and dad’s hearts so it couldn't have been a better track for something like this to happen to.
The rest of the EP carries on this shoegaze dreamy atmosphere packed with a lot of emotion and Rose's smooth ethereal-like vocals! My favourite tunes are Meteor and Under My Skin. Check it out below!

SPC ECO is comprised of alternative electronic maverick producer Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind seminal alternative rock band Curve, and his daughter Rose Berlin.