Rhys Lewis Unveils New Single ‘Living In The City’

Rhys Lewis Unveils New Single "Living In The City"
Hot off the success of ‘Waking Up Without You’, Rhys Lewis announces the widely anticipated follow up to his debut, ‘Living In The City’. I adore those piano keys! This song tackles the unique love/hate relationship that comes with living in a megalopolitan world. Produced by Boe Weaver, ‘Living In The City’ treads an effortless yet delicate line between raw, forlorn emotion and an undercurrent of restless energy, peaking with gospel choir-led euphoria.

Talking about the track, Rhys says, “
This song is pretty self-explanatory from the lyrics, but in a nutshell it’s about the bittersweetness of living... in the city. It takes so much energy to live in a city. It's expensive, relentless, busy, lonely at times, and tiring. Just getting on London’s tube at rush hour can make you want to sell all your possessions and move to the middle of nowhere. But at the same time, it’s exciting and unpredictable, spontaneous, full of opportunities and over-populated with interesting people. And the more you give, the more you get back. Every time I think about leaving, I remind myself of all the things this place has given me. And there's an unspoken promise from the city that is: it always has more to give.”

Rhys Lewis plays The Borderline on March 30th. Tickets are available now. ‘Living In The City’ is available to now on Decca Records. Rhys’ full length album is expected to arrive summer 2017.
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