Louise Lemón Unveils New Single ‘Egyptian Darkness’

Louise Lemón Unveils New Single ‘Egyptian Darkness’
Swedish singer Louise Lemón has unveiled her brand new single Egyptian Darkness. This is a mystical, mysterious and dark sound. The production takes the listener on a psychedelic journey throughout. The drumbeat is slow yet assertive, the scuzzy guitars remain ethereal yet powerful, and Louise’s vocals slide across the song with a presence which simply cannot be ignored.

The songs title refers to a parable of The Exodus in the bible, where Egypt was laid pitch black for three days so that Moses could escape with his life. More importantly, or for those non-religious types, the underlying meaning is of Liberation. Louise explains further:
Egyptian Darkness is a song about keeping on walking on your own path, even if you’ve been completely blinded. Not bending over backwards or doubting yourself and understanding that there is a great meaning and a huge power in doing so. I wanted the sound to really relate to this massive force. The song and especially the outro was created in the rehearsal space and the musicians playing on the track had a big part in creating the sound.
Shipwreck, the other song you can listen here, is my favourite. Loving her vocals and the haunting melody.
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