Aquilo Premiere ‘Silhouette’ Video

Aquilo Premiere ‘Silhouette’ Video
Good morning everybody!!! Electro-pop duo Aquilo have unveiled the official music video for Silhouette, the title track of their much-awaited debut album Silhouettes. This is the second of a video trilogy that anticipates the release of their album on January 27th! I am in love with this haunting and cinematic song! It gives me goosebumps!! Awesome piano melody and absolutely stunning lyrics!

The cinematic video trilogy sees Aquilo reuniting with UK Music Video Awards-winning director Eoin Glaister, responsible for their videos for Gave It All and Losing You, who has also worked with artists including LA Priest and Catfish And The Bottlemen. Starring Perry Benson, young actor Ruairi O’Connor and newcomer Emily Reid, it follows the inter-connected lives of three characters, coming together to a poignant narrative whole. The video series will conclude with a special director’s cut, connecting the three segments into a seamless short film, beautifully soundtracked by Aquilo.
Unveiled last week, the video for first part You Won’t Know Where You Stand has already surpassed 135 thousand views on YouTube, joining the tracks' two and a half million streams on Spotify, with ‘Silhouette’ already nearing the six million mark on the platform.
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