Ambiere Unveil New Single "Tree Of Life"

Ambiere Unveil New Single "Tree Of Life"
Morning everybody! Hailing from the outskirts of Manchester, Ambiere bring something different to the table with their chilled, ambient vibes displayed in their latest release Tree Of Life. This is such a cool ambient/electronic tune, very laid-back with pop guitar riffs and catchy vocal hooks. Check it out below!

Fronted by the songwriting partnership of Amber Lane-Mcivor and Jake Blythe, the duo has already drawn comparisons to The XX, creating what they call “fairytale grunge, with a jellybean peanut butter finish”.

With a UK tour scheduled next month and an abundance of material ready for release, the future looks bright for the youthful three-piece as they continue to build upon their name and reputation.

Ambiere’s Tree Of Life is released on February 11th  and will be available on iTunes and Spotify.

Tour Dates:

08 Feb – Lending Room, Leeds
09 Feb – New Cross Inn, London
11 Feb – Castle Hotel, Manchester
12 Feb – The Tyne Bar, Newcastle
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