FEMME Unveils Lindstrøm’s Remix Of "Fever Boy"

FEMME Unveils Lindstrøm’s Remix Of "Fever Boy"
Following the release of her self-written, self-produced and critically acclaimed debut album earlier this year, FEMME is back with a remix version of ‘Debutante’, ‘Debutante Remixed’, which is released this Friday, December 9th.

To kick things off the singer unveiled Lindstrøm’s electronic twist to her single Fever Boy. FEMME comments on the album,
'Debutante Remixed' is about getting the chance to hear some of my favourite producers (a lot of them good friends) put their own spin on what was originally a pop record. From my years studying at Goldsmiths to my experience as part of Ultraísta with Nigel Godrich, I've always had one foot in the experimental, left-field, electronic world. Collaborating on this remix album feels like returning home.

1. Your Poptarts Are Ready (FaltyDL Remix)
2. Fever Boy (Lindstrøm Remix)
3. Romeo (La Leif Remix)
4. Bring It Back Round (Mind Enterprises Remix)
5. S.O.S (NZCA Lines Remix)
6. Light Me Up (Bunki Remix)
7. Shout Out Loud (FEMME Remake)
8. Double Trouble (FTSE FUCKED IT Remix)
9. Calling All Stars (Shelley Remix)
10. Locoluvva (KB Remix)
11. Gold (Crewdson's Golden Shower Dub)
12. Dumb Blonde (Elsa Hewitt Remix)
13. Sirens (CRT - CLSSX Remix)
14. High (Muta Remix) - Bonus Track
15. Fever Boy (Lindstrøm Remix - Radio Edit) - Bonus Track
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