Deal Casino Unveil "Human Cannonball" EP
Deal Casino, the fiercely talented four-piece rock band from New Jersey, have released their highly anticipated three-song EP titled Human Cannonball. This is EP is packed with soaring guitar riffs and poignant lyrics! If you're into alt-rock than you'll love this EP! My favourite track is Panama Papers! Those guitars!! Epic! Such a groovy tune! Of the title track, the band says
We've noticed that as a band we've been asking shamelessly for your attention. So, I guess it's about us. Or it's about the circus.

Comprised of Joe P., Jon Rodney, Jozii, and Chris Donofrio, Deal Casino relies on a minimalist approach to create a highly infectious sound, with elements of alt-rock, pop and blues. Drawing from influences like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Tame Impala and LCD Soundsystem, Deal Casino is committed to evolving musically, while venturing further down the artist’s path with a focus on great songs and musicianship. Joe explains:
The commitment to work hard has inspired us to go deeper. When anyone in the band writes, it pushes the others to write more often. And, seeing how our idols lived and worked has been inspiring and makes us more aware of what it takes to get to the next level.

Connect with Deal Casino:
Facebook/Twitter: @thedealcasino