Tiggs Da Author Drops ‘Glenville Grove’ EP

Tiggs Da Author Drops 'Glenville Grove' EP
Multi-faceted rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Tiggs Da Author has dropped his anticipated EP, Glenville Grove. The inspiration for ‘Glenville Grove’ is deeply personal for Tiggs. Tiggs said:
This EP is a reflection of the things I experienced whilst living in an area of New Cross called Glenville Grove. The things we would get up to as kids, the things I would witness - experiences, both good and bad. It was great to write these tracks as it allowed me to look back at this place and that time and relive all these memories I had. 
The 4-track EP is quite uplifting with a groovy feel-good vibe and it includes the previously released single Swear Down! Check it out below! 

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